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Our products

•1.10.4 High Cbrightness TFT display

•2.Parameters of NIBP,SO2,PUSLE, FHR, TOCO & FM

•3. The system setup can be done very easy at any time and can be stored automatically

•4. A standard patient event marker and a clinical event marking button to separately mark clinical events

•5. Auto fetal movement are available

•6. Multi-crystals, wide beam form, high sensitivity ultrasound transducer, 1MHz pulsed wave, low ultrasound power, safer to the fetal

•7. AC or LI-battery operated

•8. More than 10 hours data storage, they can be played and reprinted

•9.Built-in high-speed thermal printer and rechargeable Li-ion battery

•10. Zero noise processing, no undesired sound in the speaker

•11. Build-in interface to the central nurse station

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