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12.1" High-brightness TFT display;

•Equipped with reliable, high sensitivity, 12-element pulse doppler transducer ;

•Rotatable screen viewed from different directions ;

•Built-in high-speed thermal printer, printing width can be set by 112mm, 150mm and 210mm;

•5 different styles of operation display ;

•Upgradable function: twins monitoring function, automatic FM detection, FM waveform;

•Linux operation system, stable and easy to be operated;

•Store and review of 48-hour monitoring data;

•Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ;

•Built-in and wireless networking capability .

Standard configuration
Can monitor Fetal Heart Rate (FHR), Uterine Contraction Pressure(TOCO), Fetal Movement(FM),NIBP, SpO2, PR, ECG, RESP and TEMP measurement. 

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