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Our products
Product features
 Colorful and clear 12.1 TFT LCD
 Big figure display
 ECG Waveforms of 3-lead or 5-lead displayed in one screen
 NIBP dual Over Pressure Protection
 Isolated float, anti defibrillation and anti high -frequency interference
 Networking capacity
 ST arrhythmia analysis
 Tabular and graphic trends information over 168 hours, 1800 group alarming event review
ECG lead: , , , AVR, AVL, AVF, V1V6
S-T segment analysis: -2.02.0mv
Arrhythmia analysis: yes
Protection: With stand 4000vAc/50Hz voltage in isolation and work against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation
Measurement method: Thoracic impedance
Working mode: Manual/Automatic/stat(5 minutes)
Method: Automatic oscillation
Cuff type: standard Adult; optional Pediatric/Neonatal
Measurement range 20~45
Resolution 0.1
Pulse Oximetry(spO2)
Range: 0100% for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
Pulse range
Pulse range: 0-255bpm
Standard parameter & configuration
     ECG, RESP, SPO2, TEMP, PR, NIBP, View bed, Drug calculation
Optional parameter & configuration
     2-TEMP, 2-IBP, ETCO2  , Recorder, 1-IBP, Multi-gas analysis,
Standard accessories list
     5-lead ECG cable (1)
     NIBP tube and Cuff (1)
     Temp probe (1)
     Internal Battery (1)
     ECG Electrodes (10PCS)
     SPO2 probe (1)

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